The Wind in Boston

Flowing through the leaves, playing them like organic flutes. Nature’s flutes. Creating sounds of whispers and wails through every obstacle. Communicating transition. Transition from Spring to Summer, and cycling through ever present life events to be expected. Yet the taunt of change-flutes eating away at the contention that was Spring signaled something new. Another explosion. … Continue reading

The Fuentes Sisters

The cell phone rang an unusual three times in a row, but Daisy Fuentes was in the shower unable to answer. The steam billows out of the shared restroom and her roommate, Laura, tells her that her mom has been trying to reach her and even called Laura’s cell phone. The urgency of a simple … Continue reading

The Day Mom Died

Friday night revelries provide a perfect distraction from the realities of home. She inhales more of Mary Jane’s flowers and sips on her vodka soda, feeling the sensation of sobriety leave her body. She’s sitting on the deck overlooking the horizon, watching the sun sink lazily into the ocean and the clouds chameleon from day … Continue reading

Study Abroad Students in San Francisco

The time ticks to an even 10:00 am and Lisa Raffy opens her laptop, keys dissimilar to that of her American classmates with symbols straying from the top row to join the consonants and vowels along the left and right. It is 7:00 pm in her home country of France and her parents insist on … Continue reading

TONIGHT! The Dubstep Temple

The air around the line is thick with cigarette smoke and conversation. The bodies are so close they warm the females not dressed for the 40 degrees of chilly San Francisco night. Those in line know the music will infect their feet with the disease of dance and three dollar beers are the only cost … Continue reading

Defenestration and Devastation

Furniture pieces and everyday appliances run down the side of the now boarded up four story Hugo Hotel and old fashioned circus posters as well as graffiti murals cover the exterior of the first floor. And it all will be torn down within the next 18 months. The Hugo Hotel has been vacant since approximately … Continue reading

Cellist of Powell Station

San Francisco is a city of dreamers, of musicians and of entrepreneurs. These performers station themselves at street corners, in parks, and in the BART stations. Walking out of the Powell Street station, one of these performers haunts the breeze-ways with his cello. The shaggy-haired boy rarely breaks his concentrated glare at nobody, until you … Continue reading